Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beautifully Broken by Bethany Bazile

Date Read: February 7, 2013

In this story, we meet Isabella "Ella" Moss, just waking up with a massive hang over in a man's bed. She flashes back to meeting a very sexy man in a club and going home with him. As she tries to sneak out, he catches her and convinces her to stay. 

The man, Liam Maddox, with his dark wavy hair and lean muscular body. He's the co-owner of Maddox-Fields with his former best friend Lucas Fields. Liam and Lucas has an extremely contentious relationship and have not seen each other in years but Liam's in town to try and take over the company and push his former friend out. 

Ella works for Lucas and is also his long time girlfriend. Ella's never been very faithful to Lucas and they constantly break up. Lucas loves Ella but Ella thinks of Lucas more like a friend. Her only friend and the only family she has. 

Liam and Ella can't resist the attraction but what happens when Lucas finds out? 

So, I find that, although I liked the story, the pacing didn't work for me and really hindered my ability to connect with the characters. I think the character I felt most connected to is Liam and that's because we found out a little bit more about him then anyone else. I will definitely be reading the second book and hoping that we learn more about Ella to really understand her better. 

Next book coming April 2nd 

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