Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Abbi Glines!!!

So I thought about what I wanted to share with you for Abbi's birthday. Abbi is one of my favorite authors and she doesn't have a book out that I haven't read. I've basically fallen in love with every single one of her characters, as each and every one of them has brought something unique to the stories. But what I really want to share with everyone, Existence. See, most of Abbi's books are your, pretty classic love stories. Often the bad boy falling for the good girl, but with Existence, she brought the paranormal into it and made me fall in love. 
Movement, out of the corner of my eye, caused the hair on my arms to prickle. I knew better than to stay in this room, but running would only make it worse. I turned to face the soul who followed me inside. He sat in the back of the classroom, feet propped up on a desk, arms crossed over his chest. How did he know I could see him? I gave no indication outside. Normally ghosts needed a little clue from me to realize I wasn’t as blind as the rest of the world. Something was different with this one.
I dropped my gaze. Maybe I should join Miranda and the jock squad in the hall. If I acted like I didn’t see him and returned to the hallway, he might think he made a mistake and go away.
“You don’t really want to subject yourself to such pointless company, do you?”A cold smooth voice broke the silence. I gripped the hard plastic chair beside me so hard that my knuckles turned white. I fought down a startled little cry—almost a scream—in the back of my throat. Should I ignore him? Should I respond? Alerting him that his hunch was right might not end well.
But ignoring this was going to be impossible. He could speak. Souls never talked to me. From the time I realized the strangers who frequently watched me or wandered around aimlessly were only visible to me, I started ignoring them. This was something new, something I couldn’t ignore.
“I pegged you with more guts. Are going to let me down, too?”
His tone softened. There was a familiar drawl in his voice now.
“You can speak,” I replied looking directly at him, letting him know I wasn’t afraid. I’d dealt with wandering souls, which is how I liked to think of them, all my life. If I ignored them, they would go away. Otherwise, they followed me.
This one continued to watch me, an amused smile on his face. His crooked grin produced a single dimple. The dimple didn’t seem to fit his cold, arrogant demeanor. As much as his presence annoyed me, I couldn’t help but admit this soul could only be labeled as ridiculously gorgeous. It was the first time I’d ever noticed the physical beauty of a soul.
“Yes, I speak. Were you expecting me to be mute?”
I leaned my hip against the desk. “Well, you’re the first one who’s ever spoken to me.”

Didn't you just love that? I know I did. Abbi has an amazing writing style that just allows you to connect so easily with the characters. 

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