Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance by Sophie Monroe

Aubrey Thompson is a twenty-three year old flight attendant for her dad’s small commercial fleet. She’s a sarcastic smartass that has no problem telling you where to go. She also despises rock stars…but that’s all part of the story. Her Granny Jean is spy and will have you laughing out loud. 

In comes Jake Parker, the twenty-five year old lead singer of Battlescars. His reputation is the untamable bad-boy. He’s completely “balls to the wall” in everything that he does. Two days after returning home from a month long tour across Europe he gets a visit from Bruce, an executive from the record label. He informs Jake that Battlescars is going back on tour for three months. What everyone doesn’t know is that Jake is worn down and sick of the same old shit. 

His record label hires Aubrey’s dads company to fly him around for the last minute tour. In order to keep her dad's company afloat they will have to learn to play nice. When Jake first meets Aubrey she refuses to even acknowledge his existence. He sees her as refreshing and a challenge. 

Both of them have some pretty heavy scars from their pasts holding them back. Can Jake get Aubrey to let him in? Or will she shoot him down based on his outlandish reputation? Will her fear of getting hurt again keep him out for good? 

I always have such mixed emotions about the tough girls. The ones that shut themselves out when they get hurt. In the beginning I always love their spunk and they strength. But then I get annoyed at them and want to smack them around. Begging them to open their eyes and see the amazing person that would do anything for them. 

"I like you Aubrey. I can tell by your sarcastic undertones, rude comments an sheer lack of common decency that we're going to be friends in no time. I can just tell."
"Whatever you say, Boss."
"If you cook like this all the time, we're skipping the friend stage and getting married."

Aubrey was the same way for me. She's tough, not going to fall all over herself just because she's in the presence of a rock star. And Jake is immediately drawn to her. Not just because she is a sexy rock chick with tons of tattoos and attitude but because she couldn't care less about his rock star status. Well that's not true, she cares, she just hates it. 

"So you took something tragic and turned it into something beautiful. With the tattoos, I mean."
"I guess that's how I see it. I did it so that I could see beauty instead of the pain."

But of course, Jake is charming and soon has her thinking that maybe he'd be worth her walls coming down until he doesn't something so incredibly stupid, I wanted to reach through my tablet and smack the crap out of him. Now he has to get Aubrey to trust him again and this won't be an easy feat. Especially with her ex, who ruined her for all other men (and not in a good way) enters the picture. 

"Good thing I have my library card, because I'm checking you out." -Grandma Jean to Jake

An awesome bonus in this book is Aubrey's grandmother. Sophie may have just wrote the most awesome character ever. Grandma Jean is spunky, and inappropriate in all the right ways.

"Oh, I'd like him to come clean out my cobwebs" -Grandma Jean about Jake

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