Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Limits (Lenths #3) by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt

Genevieve Rodriguez is less than thrilled when her older brother’s best friend, Deo, runs off and marries Whit, the girl who doesn't even deserve him. At least that’s what Gen believes. And so what if everyone thinks it’s just a stupid crush? She’s had a thing for Deo for as far back as she can remember. 

Freshly heartbroken and downright annoyed, Genevieve is also one ‘D’ away from getting kicked out of school. In other words, life could be better for the rowdy, youngest Rodriquez sibling. Her only hope of passing physics is her quiet, nerdy tutor, Adam.

Adam isn't her type at all. He’s too quiet, too polite, and he’d rather stare at lab charts than bother to notice the bustier top so sexy, it turned the head of every guy in a five-mile radius. 
When Adam tells Genevieve that he won’t be back after winter break because his visa is about to expire, the words drop out of her spontaneous, heartbroken mouth before she has the time to think... 

“Marry me.” 

Thinking it’s a joke, Adam gives Genevieve a firm no. But when the joke turns into something more, all bets are off and all limits are broken. Adam may not notice a perfect bustier, but he can’t resist a good argument. And Genevieve has been arguing to get exactly what she wants her entire life.

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Gene is so cute. She's got all these emotions and she just doesn't know how to deal with them. She loves Deo but Deo is married and he family keeps giving her a hard time about it. But she's also got a crush on her tutor, Adam. 

Adam is a scientist and student at the university, and he is also Gene's tutor. He's doing some sort of yeast experiment that isn't going as well as he hoped. He's been so focused on it that he failed to file is visa paperwork and is now facing being deported back to Isreal. 

Until Gene finally pulls her head out of her Deo obsessed a** and sees what's right in front of her. A attractive man who pushes her to do her best, believes in her and truly sees her for the woman she really is. On impulse, she proposes to Adam. His initial response is no, but when Gene sets her mind to it, she's always gets her way. 

To me, the biggest lesson I got out of this story is communication is key. Being open and honest about how you feel. A lot of issues could have been resolved if they really would have opened up and told each other the truth of their feelings. 

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