Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: How He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne

Julianne Becker is desperately in love with her boss, Nick Matthews. She has daydreamed about him since the day she first met him a year earlier, but she is firmly stuck in the friend-zone until New Year’s Eve, when the game completely changes and she finds out how Nick really feels about her. They embark on a sexy affair that’s everything Julianne ever dreamed of... except she can’t tell anyone about it. What will happen if anyone finds out about their secret relationship? And how will her lifelong best friend, Travis Miller, react when Julianne begins a relationship with someone who isn’t him? 

How He Really Feels is a novel that explores relationships and love between coworkers and friends. It contains some adult situations and is

How He Really Feels was such a sweet simple story. I don't know many women who haven't had a crush on their boss. And I also don't know many women who have harbored a crush for, just about forever and dreamed about it finally becoming something? I know I have, in both instances. Unfortunately for me, my crush died a flaming death.

Fortunately for Julianne, the embers she felt quickly morphed into a passionate love affair with her boss, Nick. Their relationship burned red hot almost instantly, once that final nudge was made. The only problem is, no one can find out, or Nick will be fired. But Travis, Julianne's bestest friend in the whole wide world has decided to finally be honest with her about his feelings about her. Her choice becomes between the boss she's carried a torch for, for over a year, or her best friend in the whole wide world.

I just adored Nick. His willingness to basically wear his heart on his sleaze and put it all out there. Taking control of the situation, so once the initial step was taken, Julianne didn't have to worry about a single thing. She didn't have to stress about if she was moving too fast. Nick was handling that all on his own. 

I was so damn excited for Julianne as I was reading her feelings on Nick, and how he seemed to possibly be into her.  I think the reason why I enjoyed this story was because it felt almost as if I was reading a diary. Possibly one I would write myself. The excitement of having a long time crush say something, or give a certain look that just sends you into absolute bliss for the remainder of the day. The sneaky quick trip to the coffee machine just to get to walk by his office. Timing your arrival at the office to walk in with him. It all felt real to me and I enjoyed it. It was almost as if it was all me.

Only problem is, when the story ends, I'm left with questions. What did they say? How did he react? What will happen? How did it work out? I would have loved an epilogue, but hey, can't win them all!

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