Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy by Tammara Webber

Date Read: June 16, 2012

Easy is pretty much my favorite book of all time. After being dumped by her high school boyfriend of three years, whom she followed to college, Jacqueline Wallace misses two weeks of Econ class (which she happens to share with the now ex boyfriend). After a pep talk from her roommate, the soriety girl Erin, she realizes that no man is worth messing up her academic future so she heads back to class and asks her professor for help. As a man who believes in second changes, he sets Jacqueline up with his class tutor, Landon. After many email exchanges between the two, there's definitely something there. He's incredibly smart, funny and kind. But someone else catches Jacqueline's eye. Now that she's single again, she can't help but start to notice the quiet guy in her Econ class who rarely pays attention and spends most of the time sketching in a book. She's drawn to his sexy gray-blue eyes and sexy tattoos. She's not the kind of girl who goes for a slacker or someone with tattoos. But when she starts to see him around campus, she can't help but be taken with him. 

Which guy will she choose? 

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