Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: One Night Forever by Lisa Renee Jones

February 8, 2013
Lauren Reynolds’ obsession with the sexy, cutting edge soap opera “Red Hot Secrets” used to be her hottest secret. But now she has a bigger one. More daring. More dangerous. One year ago, on a sultry summer night, she slept with a stranger. But not just any man, one who later turned out to be her boss.Fate has thrown Lauren into the arms of a man who takes her to the absolute edge of passion, but will he destroy her career in the process? She knows she should turn away from temptation, but she convinces herself she deserves just one more night…over and over again.And now, her red hot secret might steal her heart
This is more of a novella then a full book. This means that the characters aren't completely developed and the story is centered on the main plot and only that plot. With that being said, this was a good story. Lauren is so focused on her career that she struggles to take a chance at what she really wants. I found it to be annoying after a while but I'm a romantic at heart so, that's to be expected. Matt is hot hot hot. Strong, commanding, and sexy, just what I like in a man. 

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