Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For You (The 'Burg Series) by Kristen Ashley

Date Read: February 5, 2013

I think this one different from the usual Kristen Ashley books as much as Kristin can be different. Kristen tends to follow the same template when she writes her books (at least the ones I've read) Boy meets girl, boy decides girl will be his, girls in danger, boy forces girl to live with him, boy forces her into being with him, girl can't help but fall in love, boy saves girl, boy and girl live happily ever after. I know that sounds like I am putting down her books but let me tell you, I AM NOT! Regardless of the fact that the most of her books are very similar, I absolutely eat them up. I love every single one of them and haven't given them any less then 5 stars. I'm thinking I need to start to grade her on a curve. 

 But there's something about February and Colts relationship. I really felt like they were partners in this crazy drama. In For You, we meet February Owens, known as Feb to those that love her and Alexander "Colt" Colton. Feb and Colt have known each other their whole lives. Colt is best friends with Feb's brother Morrie since Colt didn't exactly have the best parents, Colt really became a member of the Owen's family. Colt and Feb were together during their younger times, but Feb dumped Colt and then she went a little crazy. Feb feels betrayed by Colt and she gets into drugs, drinking, hooking up before eventually getting married. Colt has no clue why Feb dumped him but when her marriage goes to hell, Colt it right there to get her out of trouble, but Feb takes off and spends the next 15 years roaming town to town, tending bar. But eventually Morrie convinces her to come home and manage their parents bar so their parents can retire.  Feb's been home a couple years now, avoiding Colt at all costs, when she finds a dead body hacked up behind her bar. Colt is the police detective assigned and he and Feb are forced together. They quickly learn the killer, killed a girl as a revenge for her being mean to Feb in high school. 

We get to watch Colt and Feb try to move past the betrayal they both feel from one another while the entire town, her parents, her brother, are all up in their business, trying to push them back together. All while they try to stop a serial killer who believes he's trying to make the world right for Feb. 

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