Friday, February 1, 2013

Bowen Brothers series by Elle Aycart

Date Read: January 8, 2013

In this story, we meet James, the tattooed security professional who is visiting his dad in Florida. We also meet Tate, a pretty girl with a very judgmental attitude. Its automatically assumed to her that if you have tattoos are anything relating to the bad boy nature, you're trouble and aren't going to be worth the effort. That you'll use and abuse her. That's because this is the type of man her sister usually goes for and that's what happens to her. So when she meets James while visiting her mom in Florida, although she's attracted to him, she tries to stay away. They end up reaching an agreement for some vacation fun. But when they go back home, James keep his end of the deal. He keeps to come around and they continue their sexual relationship while she tries to hold her walls firmly in place. While trying to battle her growing relationship with James, she's also trying to dodge her ex, the hoards of women who those themselves at James' feet and someone trying to destroy the restaurant business she owns. Tate thinks she can handle everything on her own but when things get too bad, will she be able to rely on James to help her through? 

Ahhh my perfect man has a name, and it's James Bowen. Strong, persistent and sexy. This book was great, as it gave you hot sex, some mystery and some drama. 

Date Read: February 1, 2013

With the impending marriage of James and Tate, the women of Alden are all over Cole Bowen to become his one true love. They are aggressive and persistent  But Cole is not the marrying type. He's not the type to bring a woman to his home, spend the night, or see her more than once. Christy isn't looking for a boyfriend. After running away from her ruined engagement, and her mother who calls he constantly to let her know she's making a mistake, dating is the last thing on her mind. Sex on the other hand, is not. She wants it and is even willing to consider hiring a male prostitute to get what she wants. Enter Cole. Cole has the perfect arrangement to their problems. Christy agrees to fake date him to keep the women of Alden off his back, and in return, Cole offers her his sexual services. 

Cole is one of my favorite types of man. He's the alpha male. The man in control, both in the bedroom and outside of it. Christy, on the other hand, is my least favorite kind of woman. She's insecure, and constantly puts herself down. This kind of woman annoys me but it's great to watch Cole, be strong enough for both of them and help her break those barriers down. Unfortunately in the process, she falls for Cole and has to let him know that. Since he's not the boyfriend type of guy, what does he do?

This story was fun, hot & sexy and a great read. 

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