Saturday, February 2, 2013

Never Say Never series by CM Stunich

Date Read: January 20, 2013

Never Ross is a bit of a free spirit, as in, she loves to have lots of random sex as a way to bury her pain. When a hot bad boy asks her to dance in a bar, and she suggests they hook up instead, he declines. She doesn't take well to that and lashes out at him but he just tells her she's not worth it and walks away. Ty McCabe has issues of his own. A former male prostitute, clearly has his own issues when it comes to sex. As Ty and Never begin to get to know each other, they seem to become friends, something neither of them have. Ty is like a force of nature, causing Never to confront a lot of issues from her past. Forcing her to open herself up to things she closed off a long time ago. 

I absolutely love their relationship and all it's quirkiness. This story was fun, sad, sweet, emotional and just awesome. 


Date Read: February 2, 2013

I started reading this book moments after it was released and was finished just a few short hours later. I absolutely consumed it. Ty, oh Ty, how I want to profess my love to you. Gosh, if all people could be this strong, confident and secure, the world would be a much better place. Never and Ty head back to Never's hometown to deal with her family. To confront her family for turning their back on her, and for Never to see Noah again and even decide he's the one for her, or put him behind her for good. There's a lot of seriously emotional family stuff going on here. Meeting Never's family is definitely eye opening and gives you a bit more insight into why Never is the way she is. We also get a sneak peek into the life of Ty, which is going to be crazy, if what we've learned so far is just the start. But we'll read more about that in the next book. 

Ty is just a shining star to me in this book. He made the book for me. 

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