Sunday, February 3, 2013

With Me In Seattle series by Kristen Proby

Date Read: November 26, 2012

Natalie, a professional photographer, is down by the beach taking picture when some crazy man starts yelling at her and takes her camera. She's being attacked on the beach by a crazy BEAUTIFUL man. He's yelling at her that she has no right to take his picture and she's absolutely confused and ANGRY. 

That's how Natalie meets Luke, but don't worry, it's mostly all uphill from there. Luke is a former actor, former it thing but Natalie has no clue who he is. She's never seen his movies and Luke is enjoying getting to be himself for a while. What happens when she finds out the truth though? 

Natalie makes most of her money taking sexy photos. Mostly just women, occassionally intimate couples and on the rare occassion, solo male shots. How will Luke react to her locked alone in her studio with a naked man? 

This is definitely a wild ride. It's a beautiful story, and very well written. I really enjoyed it. 

Review Coming Soon: The Story of Issac and Stacy

Date Read: February 3, 2013

In this book, we get to follow Jules as her relationship grows with Nate. Hubba Hubba! OMG Nate is just.... YUM! We first heard of and met Nate in Come Away with Me, when Jules is telling Nat about how she slept with her boss. 

So in the beginning, we start out 8 months after they hook up. We learn that neither one of them have moved on from what they had between them. But they have obsticles to get over, like Nate's past or the fact that they could get fired if anyone finds out. 

But let me tell you, Nate is the most beautiful, sexy, romantic man on the planet. Now, I'm not into the long hair, so he could cut it but other then that, he's the perfect man. We learn that he's a former UFC fighter, rides a motorcycle, is a killer business man and just the sweetest thing ever. He knows what he wants and he's not afraid to go after it, and keep going after it until it's his. Fudge, they don't make real men like this. He is clearly a fictional man and damn he couldn't have been written any better. 

We also get to know a little bit more about Jules' brothers since we will be seeing them in the upcoming With Me in Seattle books. They seem like really awesome brothers and I'm looking forward Caleb's story, which is the 5th in the series. Caleb is a SUPER over protective brother, and my guess, total Alpha male. 

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