Friday, March 8, 2013

ARC Review: Monster by Julia Sykes

March 6, 2013
My life was irrevocably changed that night. The night I was taken. I saved a man’s life, but at what cost to myself? Could I convince him to save me in return?

Pediatrician Claudia Ellers is jerked out of her own safe, secluded world and brought into one of danger and uncertainty on the night that she is kidnapped by Bradley Smith. He forces her to save the life of his best friend, Sean Reynolds, under threat of death. But when her task is complete, Sean decrees that she can’t be allowed to leave; she knows too much. Claudia is resentful of her captors, desperate to escape. But the more time she spends trapped with Sean, the harder she finds it to cling to her hatred for him. He is an enigma of a man, one who is shockingly arrogant, sweetly contrite, and frighteningly aggressive by turns. And the sexual tension between them is scorching. The longer she remains in his grip, the more confused she becomes about what she must do. Is her freedom worth betraying him?

I was provided an ARC of this book in return for a fair and honest review, which I fully intent to give. 

From the very first page, very first line, we were immediately thrown into the world of Dr Claudia Ellers, as she's being kidnapped (am I the only person who doesn't like this word when it refers to grown adults?) by a man, Bradley, with the intentions of forcing her to save his friend who has been shot. Sean is a stunningly attractive man, even with a bullet hole in his chest and covered in blood. Claudia is instantly drawn to him, and as he begins to heal, she's even further drawn to his charisma. Since she's completed the task at hand, Bradley in instant on killing her but that's a line Sean isn't comfortable crossing. But that doesn't mean he's willing to let her leave either. 

The attraction between Sean and Claudia is strong, as Claudia considers using it to gain her freedom, but is she strong enough to remain unattached while giving in to the attraction? 

Being thrown immediately into the action of the book, I wasn't able to connect with Claudia on a level that I would have wanted. It took a way a bit of the empathy that I had for her. But I was engrossed in the chemistry between her and Sean. Constantly thinking about what I would do in that situation. I really wanted to know more about both Sean and Claudia.. even the jerk, Bradley. Perhaps in the future books to come, as this ended with a cliffhanger. 

Overall though, I enjoyed this book and will be getting the next one upon it's release. 

I liked the angry banter from Claudia to the amused Sean.
The drawer of kink. Seemed unnecessary.
“You’re a lot bossier than most of the women I find handcuffed to my bed, you know.”

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