Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Raid (Unfinished Heroes #3) by Kristen Ashley

March 3, 2013
Hanna Boudreaux has lived in the small town of Willow, Colorado all her life. The great-granddaughter of the town matriarch, she's sweet, cute and quiet.

Too quiet.

Hanna has a moment of epiphany when she realizes her crush for forever, Raiden Ulysses Miller, is not ever going to be hers. She sees her life as narrow and decides to do something about it.

Raiden Miller is the town of Willow's local hero. An ex-marine with the medal to prove his hero status, he comes home, shrouded in mystery. It takes a while but, eventually, Hanna catches his eye.

But after all these years of Raid and Hanna living in the same town, the question is, why? Is Raid interested in Hanna because she's sweet and cute? Or does Raid have something else going on?
As always, I am in love with Kristen Ashley and the magic she creates. Raid, the book, was sexy, exciting and fun. 

Hannah is a afghan making, preserves cooking, great-granny taking care of, sweet, nerdy girl. Raiden is a bad ass, plain and simple. Former marine, general ass kicking, smiling panty melter.

Hannah's been in love with Raiden her entire life, but Raid has never noticed her. That is until Hannah gets mixed up in trouble that Raid is looking into. Once he notices her, Raid decides that he needs to get closer to her.

I loved that we got to spend a lot of time focusing on the relationship between Raid and Hannah. It was a story that was really more about them, and less about the drama. 
Grams... I loved that sweet old lady. 
As usual with a KA book, absolutely nothing!
She stared into his eyes and announce, “A good-bye kiss.” It was at that Raid stopped dead. “What?”

“Raiden, the gig is up,” she declared and Raid closed his eyes.

Jesus, how could the woman be so infuriating and so fucking cute all at once?

He opened his eyes and asked, “The gig is up?”

She leaned into him and hissed, “Yes.”

Fuck, he wanted to kiss her.

He also wanted to shake her.

“Baby, it’s the jig,” he corrected and her head jerked which made the mess of hair on her head jerk, which reminded him he wanted his hands in that hair.

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