Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review-Kinda: A Whole New Crowd by Tijan

Taryn was good at three things: swimming, stealing, and sex. She just needed to survive her new school, her past, and the newest drug dealer that arrived in town..

That's what the little blurb on GoodReads says but it clearly doesn't do this story any justice. Now usually I'm all in love with Tijan's men. The strong, fierce silent type of a man, who stands by main girl but let's her handle herself. They are basically dream men, in my eyes. I've always loved a quiet bad boy. And Tray, from A Whole New Crowd, is no different. He's absolutely perfect. But what really got to me was Taryn. I'm totally in love with her, which is a new concept for me, considering I like men and all. 

Taryn is much like Tijan's other heroines. Strong, fierce, slightly vulnerable but never letting it show. But Taryn was also the biggest bad ass I've ever read. We meet Taryn, about 6 months after she was adopted by this family. We quickly learn that Taryn moved around a lot and seemed to haven bee in a few different foster homes. She spent a good amount of time in the city of Pedlam where she had gone to school, have a tight group of friends who weren't always good little boys and girls. They would steal, cheat, fight and generally cause some mayhem, Taryn and her boyfriend Brian included. But when Taryn was adopted, she decided to make a clean break from that life, leaving her friends, boyfriend and the trouble behind. 

It wasn't too long into her new life that Mandy, her new sister, and Tray, the king of Rawley (her new school), decided they could put her former habits to good use. They ask her to break into her old school to help them with a prank. Eventually she relents and does their favor but it opens up a whole chain reaction no one expected to come.

No matter what challenges, backstabbing, or dirty dealings come Taryn's way, she attacks right back with her sharp wit and killer instincts. She's not afraid to go for the jugular and it's a beautiful sight. She stands up for those who are walked over and protects those she loves.

Basically this story is MAGIC! 

Why thank you for asking. You see, Tijan is such an awesome author that as she writes, she shares. This book isn't technically published. As in, you can't go to amazon and purchase it. Sad, I know. But you CAN go to her LiveJournal and read it for free, as well as her other stuff. You'll need to create an account and add her as a friend. When you add her, be sure to let her know how awesome she is and how you can't wait to read her awesome work. Leave her lots of love and encouragement. 

Also, go to her Facebook and leave her even more love. 

and purchase her other books. No lie, no exaggeration, I have not read a single book of hers that I did not absolutely fall in love with. 

Jaded - B&N
Broken and Screwed - Amazon (Check out my reviews here)
Fallen Crest High - Amazon  (Check out my review here)
Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail - Amazon

Last final juicy tidbit, Tijan has been sharing her new story, Carter Reed on Facebook right now and it's FANTABULOUS, as well as teasers for Fallen Crest High's sequel, Fallen Crest Public. 

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  1. The link for LiveJournal to read A Whole New Crowd isn't working :( is there any other way to read it?