Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Lana by RK Lilley

March 14, 2013

Lana can’t remember a time when she wasn’t hopelessly in love with Akira. Even knowing that he viewed her as a kid sister had never helped to dampen her feelings. One night together only made it worse. After seducing Akira, it became apparent that their love affair was hopelessly one-sided, and heartbroken, Lana fled her beloved island paradise.
Eight years later, Lana finally returns home, planning to stay briefly, and only for business, but her plans go quickly awry when she runs into the man she could never get over.

I have been waiting for this story since we first met Lana in Mile High (Up In The Air #2) by RK Lilley. I immediately loved Lana and was drawn to the story of her and Akira, especially as we delved more into it in Grounded (Up In the Air #3.) I wanted to know the story of how she fell in love with Akira and what made her love for him ruin her for any other men. 

This book takes place a few months after the end of Grounded, and in Grounded we know that James and Bianca go to Hawaii to "encourage" Akira to take his thumb out of his butt and get his woman. The book starts out with Lana arriving in Hawaii for business, and we quickly begin to see how immersed in Akira's family she was. She calls his mom Tutu which is Hawaiian for grandma, is seems to love his sister as a mother figure. And it's not a couple hours in when she bumps into Akira. 

There's a lot of sex in this book. Like, a lot. 
The scene where Lana lost her virginity. Hello hotness. 

Ok so RK, I love you and don't be offended but... Akira, as much as I wanted to love him, had kind a little bit of a creep vibe. I'm not sure if it's the way he spoke with her or getting to see their relationship through the years a bit but he weirded me out a bit. 

Tutu was well into her cups when she began to get truly outrageous. She pointed an accusatory finger at me. 
 “Are you on the pill?” she asked, her tone low and mean. 
 I nodded, laughing as she clutched at her heart, shuddering. “That will make you barren. It’s a fact. Get off those pills immediately. It might already be too late. Let me see your purse.”

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